Explore the New Piadina Experience Museum: A Taste of Local Gastronomy

Piadina Experience Museum by Riccione Piadina

If you're a local gastronomy fan, you can't miss the new Piadina Experience Museum dedicated to the queen of Riviera Romagnola: Piadina.

Located just a few kilometers from the hotel, the Piadina Museum offers a deep dive into the history and preparation of this local delicacy. Here, visitors can explore the art of making piadina, from ingredient selection to the traditional cooking method.

The museum is not only an exhibition space but also an interactive area where visitors can participate in practical workshops. Under the guidance of expert piadina makers, you'll learn the secrets of perfect preparation and have the opportunity to create your own personalized piadina.

The Piadina Museum is open to everyone, from tourists to food enthusiasts, offering a fun and educational experience. Visitors can savor a variety of freshly made, delicious piadinas, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

For those staying at the Hotel Arlecchino, the museum is easily accessible by a 15-minute drive.

Discover the heart and soul of Riccione's culinary tradition at the Piadina Museum and embark on an unforgettable journey through the authentic flavors of this fascinating land.

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