Every day a good day relaxing and energizing!

cucina romagnola riccioneIt’s time for breakfast: We expect a rich buffet with fruit juices, yogurt, milk and cereals, fruit, hot drinks, cakes of various kinds, biscuits, bread, jam, chocolate cream, honey, croissants and cakes prepared at home with the ingredients of a time … eggs, cheese and cold cuts, served in the new room-garden set up outside, and then… And ‘known by many, but for those who do not yet know … Every day at lunch, pasta dishes are always new and sophisticated, A First and MENU ‘CHOICE based on fish or meat, fabulous buffet of appetizers and vegetables and, finally … Fresh fruit, ice cream or dessert. Dinner choice of starters and soup, delicious menu and a buffet of vegetables, then fruit, ice cream or dessert you like.